The Pub Club (May 5): David Gang

David Gang is a plant biochemist from the Institute of Biological Chemistry (IBC) at Washington State University (WSU) (click here to read about David's research). He will be visiting MSU […]

The Pub Club (May 12): Abstract Workshop

02/03/17 - Danve describes the He lab research to a PSF recruit. With a full summer of conferences lined up, abstract season is here!  We've spent all semester working towards […]

The Pub Club (May 19): Edge of Science

MPS 4th floor conference room

This week, on the theme of staying on the cutting edge of science, we will discuss the hot off the press, back-to-back Nature papers from Xinnian Dong’s lab (paper 1, […]

The Pub Club (May 26)

We are officially in the summer season of The Pub Club, which means an even more relaxed approach to our weekly Gatherings. While we will not plan topics for every […]