The Pub Club (Nov 11): Bioinformatics Resources

4th floor conference room MPS

Graduate student Amanda Charbonneau (Dworkin/Conner Labs) will be giving an overview of bioinformatics resources available through the Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research (iCER) and the High Performance Computing Center (HPCC). iCER facilitates advanced computational […]

Breakfast with Dr. Julin Maloof (Nov 28)

MPS building, 4th floor living room

This coming Monday The Pub Club has another opportunity to sit down with an expert in plant biology, Dr. Julin Maloof. Dr. Maloof's research focuses on how plants sense and […]

The Pub Club (Jan 6): Joe Aung Chalk Talk

MPS building, 4th floor living room

This Friday, prior to the BMS recruitment poster session, Joe Aung (He lab) will be giving a practice chalk talk to help him prepare for his upcoming job interviews. Joe […]

Workshop of Interest (Jan 17): STEM Teaching Essentials Workshop

BPS 1425

Enhance your "Diverse Skills" by participating in the STEM Teaching Essentials Workshop hosted by Korine Steinke Wawrzynsk and Justin Micomonaco. The workshop "Impact of Undergraduate Research on Faculty Productivity and Career […]

The Pub Club (Feb 3): UG Career Day take 2

MPS building, 4th floor living room

12/09/16 - UG Small Group #2, led by Bethany In addition to our participation in PSF Recruitment, Miranda (Day lab) and Bethany (He lab) will be leading TPC's second UG […]

The Pub Club (Feb 17): The Mug Club – Danny Ducat

MPS building, 4th floor living room

The Pub Club is happy to announce that Dr. Danny Ducat has graciously agreed to lead a Friday Gathering on "Successfully Transitioning Into an Independent Faculty Position." After introducing himself […]