Hans Kende Award Seminar (Dec 12): Dr. Marcelo Campos

Room 247 PLB

Dr. Marcelo Campos Let us welcome back one of our TPC alumni, Dr. Marcelo Campos, as he delivers his Hans Kende Award Seminar on "Resolving Dilemmas: Uncoupling Plant Growth-Defense Tradeoffs." […]

Seminar of Interest (Jan 26): Dr. Ashley Shade

PSSB rm A149

Come join our PRI colleague and TPC "Coaster Club" member, Dr. Ashley Shade, as she shares her research on "Divergent Extremes but Convergent Recovery of Bacterial and Archaeal Soil Communities […]

Seminar of Interest (Jan 30): Dr. Jesse Lasky

101 Biochemistry

Dr. Jesse Lasky from Pennsylvania State University will be sharing his research on "Plant Responses to Changing Environments via Plasticity and Adaptation." This is a great opportunity for us to […]

Seminar of Interest (Feb 2): Dr. Gwyn Beattie

PSSB rm A149

Dr. Gwyn Beattie from Iowa State University will share her research on "Impacts of Light and Water Limitation on Plant-microbe/microbiome Interactions." This is a great opportunity for us to keep abreast with related research […]

Seminar of Interest (Feb 20): Dr. Rachel Gallery

101 Biochemistry

Dr. Rachel Gallery from the University of Arizona will be sharing her research on "The Ecology of Soil Microbes: Predicting Activity and Feedbacks in Temperate and Tropical Forests." This is a great […]

Seminar of Interest (Mar 2): Dr. Christine Smart

PSSB rm A149

Dr. Christine Smart from Cornell University will share her research on "A Tale of Two Phytophthoras: Life With and Without Sex." This is a rare opportunity for us to be updated with the latest […]

Seminar of Interest (Mar 30): Dr. Casey Hoy

PSSB rm A149

Dr. Casey Hoy from Ohio State University will share his research on "Food Security, Resilience and Agroecosystem Health." In line with our main objectives this semester, this is a great opportunity for us […]

Seminar of Interest (Apr 27) Dr. Jan Leach

PSSB rm A149

Dr. Jan Leach from Colorado State University will share her research on "Pieces of the Phytobiome: Multitrophic and Environmental Influences on Plant Health." To stay at the "Edge of Science," it is important […]

Seminar of Interest (May 2): André Velásquez

PLB room 168

Join us at the Plant Research Laboratory (PRL) Tuesday Noon Seminar Series to hear TPC member, André Velásquez (He Lab), share his recently published research on "Diverse mechanisms of resistance to Pseudomonas […]