The Pub Club (Feb 3): PSF Recruitment Weekend

MPS atrium

This semester at The Pub Club we are developing our ability to effectively communicate the Big Ideas of our research to diverse audiences.  One of the best ways to do […]

The Pub Club (Feb 17): The Mug Club – Danny Ducat

MPS building, 4th floor living room

The Pub Club is happy to announce that Dr. Danny Ducat has graciously agreed to lead a Friday Gathering on "Successfully Transitioning Into an Independent Faculty Position." After introducing himself […]

The Pub Club (Mar 31): Research Talk – Gina Pham

MPS building, 4th floor living room

One of our TPC members, Gina Pham (Buell lab), will practice communicating the big ideas of her research on "Cultivated potato: introduction and use of genomic resources to study allelic […]

Seminar of Interest (Apr 27) Dr. Jan Leach

PSSB rm A149

Dr. Jan Leach from Colorado State University will share her research on "Pieces of the Phytobiome: Multitrophic and Environmental Influences on Plant Health." To stay at the "Edge of Science," it is important […]

The Pub Club (July 14): Miranda Haus Research Talks

MPS atrium

Miranda Haus - post doc, Day lab This Friday, Miranda Haus will take advantage of The Pub Club’s summer focus on “Conference Prep” by developing her skill in effective scientific […]