The Pub Club (April 29): Arabidopsis Hunting Update, ABTs

MPS building, 4th floor living room

Gautam Shirsekar, one of our Pub Club extension members from the Weigel lab, has recently completed his third year of Arabidopsis Hunting.  This Friday, Gautam will update us on the […]

Seminar of Interest (Nov 3): Dr. Eva-Mari Aro

101 Biochemistry

The Nathan Edward Tolbert Endowed Lectureship is an endowed lectureship that is part of the BMB Colloquium, supported by Dr. Tolbert's many friends and colleagues as a tribute to his outstanding […]

The Pub Club (Nov 11): Bioinformatics Resources

4th floor conference room MPS

Graduate student Amanda Charbonneau (Dworkin/Conner Labs) will be giving an overview of bioinformatics resources available through the Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research (iCER) and the High Performance Computing Center (HPCC). iCER facilitates advanced computational […]

Breakfast with Dr. Julin Maloof (Nov 28)

MPS building, 4th floor living room

This coming Monday The Pub Club has another opportunity to sit down with an expert in plant biology, Dr. Julin Maloof. Dr. Maloof's research focuses on how plants sense and […]

Breakfast with Marcelo Campos (Dec 12)

MPS building, 4th floor living room

Dr. Marcelo Campos Dr. Marcelo Campos is a former Ph.D. student from the Howe lab and TPC alumni. He will be coming back to MSU this coming Monday to give […]

The Pub Club (Jan 27): The Mug Club – Sheril Kirshenbaum

MPS building, 4th floor living room

Our first Mug Club Guest Speaker of 2017 is Sheril Kirshenbaum.  Sheril will lead a discussion on "Science Communication." In an article written in Feb 2014 for CNN: "No, the […]

Seminar of Interest (Jan 30): Dr. Jesse Lasky

101 Biochemistry

Dr. Jesse Lasky from Pennsylvania State University will be sharing his research on "Plant Responses to Changing Environments via Plasticity and Adaptation." This is a great opportunity for us to […]