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The Pub Club (Feb 10): Building Our Digital Identity – Step 1

February 10, 2017 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

The subject of our Digital Identity is not a new one here at The Pub Club. First introduced by former TPC member now Alum, Katie Wozniak, in her post “Scientists Take to Twitter”, the value and importance of having and managing what we at TPC refer to as our “Professional Portrait” is without question.  Another TPC post on the subject was a reference to a post by the original “GradHacker,” MSU’s own Katy Meyers Emery, “Manage Your Digital Identity.” Katy, now Manager of Digital Engagement at George Eastman Museum in NY, has graciously agreed to visit TPC via Skype to talk with us later this semester (see April 21 Event for more info). In addition, we are happy to announce that Christopher Long the New Dean of College of Arts and Letters at MSU and former Associate Dean for Graduate and Undergraduate Education at Penn State,  has agreed to lead a TPC discussion on this very issue in the fall (watch “events” for dates)

In keeping with this semester’s focus on effectively communicating the Big Ideas of our science to Diverse audiences, and understanding that Digital communication is no longer just the future but the present, it is our plan between now and then to assist TPC members in developing their online portraits. To this end, at our Feb 10th gathering a group of active TPC members will walk us through one piece of this portrait – our LinkedIn profile.  As referenced in previous posts, LinkedIn is among the top sources used by hiring managers, recruiters and committees in determining who to grant a job interview.

In “step 1,” Bethany will review some features of quality LinkedIn profiles and lead us in an activity to help begin or improve upon our LinkedIn profile summaries.  If you already have a LinkedIn profile, take advantage of this opportunity to get input and update this part of your “Digital Identity” to ensure it is a “Da Vinci”  and not a “Picasso.” For those looking to get a head start, click here to read the main article Bethany will use this Friday. We will also be taking “head shots,” so be sure to dress nicely and come early if you would like to have yours taken.

Diverse Skills targeted: Communication and Digital Identity Management.


MPS building, 4th floor living room

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