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“Most people say that it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character.” – Albert Einstein

The Future of The Pub Club: @ MSU & Beyond

Large Blog ImageIn the coming weeks, as a search for those who would “Lead” The Pub Club (TPC) on the 4th Floor of MPS at MSU (Alphanode) of The “Community of Minds” continues, a series of articles titled “TPC Structure” will be posted on the Whiteboard.  These posts will detail not only the structure and function of TPC group but also what is required to build and run a “TPC.”  If you are considering starting such a group these should be studied.  If you would like to be considered to run the Alphanode at MSU, or maybe start a “Betanode,” you should thoroughly understand and be able to discuss these posts as well as TPC Mission.

TPC – Will History Repeat?

In preparing for Fall 2016 I realized it looks a lot like Fall 2014 when The Pub Club was born.  For those who have not heard the story and those who have forgotten, after multiple conference experiences I returned to MSU with this thought: “How great would it be and how much would our science improve if we could duplicate the excitement, the interactions, the networking, the science discussions, in essence “the conference effect,” back at MSU?”  After two successful years, this summer I took “The Community of Minds” concept that The Pub Club represents “On The Road” to conferences with me.  It was presented in many conversations, a poster and even a “Meet-up” at ASPB’s PlantBio16.  Many expressed interest in bringing “the conference effect” back to their schools.  So, this is written for those people, but also those at MSU who have seen personal benefit and wish it to continue and those who are new at MSU and would like the opportunity to benefit from the environment The Pub Club represents.  It is written for those who have forgotten how it started and those who don’t know where to start.  For the few who will choose to lead and the many more who will simply follow…  —– READ ENTIRE POST HERE! —–

TPC Structure #1: Leadership

As explained in the front page article “TPC – Will History Repeat” being a leader is a responsibility.  In the case of The Pub Club (TPC) it is a responsibility to its current, past and future members as well as to TPC Mission itself.  As TPC, the “COURSE” is our Mission.  The short version is this: “The structure, meetings, and special events are all designed to enable members through active participation to build and hone ALL the skills necessary to become accomplished scientists and to strengthen their foundation for a successful chosen career.”  As MW says, Leadership is the “ACT” of Leading.  This is not a passive phrase.  In fact this was one of the lessons learned from the failed versions of TPC.  One cannot “Lead” by always asking those he is Leading where he is going.  By definition the person depending on “DIRECTION” and “GUIDANCE” from another is a FOLLOWER.  Does this mean a Leader disregards the input of those they Guide?  No! In fact, as you saw in the article, many attempts were made to get that input on guest speakers, snacks, topics and more.  However, if proceeding with planning had been dependent on that input, the great success of the Fall 2014 semester as described in newsletter #70 would not have happened and TPC would not exist today.  Those speakers…  —– READ ENTIRE POST HERE! —–

TPC Structure #2: Student Driven/PI-Supported

As explained in TPC Structure#1: Leadership, just as important as “How to Lead” is “Who Leads.”  The Pub Club’s success has been due to the fact that it is “Student-Driven” and “PI-Supported.”  The “Purpose” of The Pub Club as stated in the TPC Mission is: “to support and assist post docs, grad students and undergrads in reaching the “objectives” they, their committees and their PIs have set for their time at University and beyond.”  It is this purpose that makes “who leads” so important.  What began as a “Great Experiment” based on a loosely defined hypothesis quickly produced results (data) revealing what worked well and what did not.  These results helped expand and refine The Pub Club Mission statement and operation into the actual structure that TPC follows today.  It was consistently shown that those receiving the greatest benefit were the most “active participants.”  This participation came from a personal desire to be involved, not an external mandate.  The student/post doc community has plenty of mandated interactions, including seminars, journal clubs, lab meetings, etc. The secret to TPC’s success is…  —– READ ENTIRE POST HERE! —–

As always, I am available and excited to discuss and teach the “Community of Minds” concept on which The Pub Club is founded.  Feel free to contact me by email, contact form or just stop by my desk.

Bethany Huot

Founder/Director The Community of Minds & The Pub Club

The Latest

New Publication from the Howe Lab! (09/26/16): The Howe lab has a new publication in Nature Communications: “Rewiring of jasmonate and phytochrome B signalling uncouples plant growth-defense tradeoffs,” which has been added to The Publications page. The paper has been highlighted on both MSU Today and the PRL website. Congratulations to our TPC members, Marcelo (alum) & Ian (current member).

Registration for the 2016 PBHS now Open! (09/26/16): For the full 2016 schedule, visit the PBHS website. or visit The Pub Club Event Calendar. Click here to register by October 17th.

CIRTL Resources (09/14/16): The Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) has many resources available for those looking to learn and develop the practice of scholarly teaching and learning. Click here for a list of upcoming events, free online courses, webcasts (CIRTLCasts), and online journal clubs (CIRTL Reads).

New From “The Void” (Quotes/Excerpts  posted here are pulled from current job postings.)

Assistant / Associate Professor (tenure track)

Required Qualifications:

Must demonstrate excellence in teaching, effective communication, and interpersonal skills. The ability to be a productive team player and to interact well with peers, students, industry, government agencies, and the general public is essential.

Preferred Qualifications:

Preference will be given to candidates with…  a record of excellence in teaching and research, as well as ability to mentor undergraduate and graduate students. Particular attention will be afforded to candidates who have productive records of teaching and scholarly activity that would strengthen current department initiatives. The ability to collaborate on research with faculty across the College, University, and industry is desirable. Candidates who have international experience or the desire to cultivate international links, are preferred.

The Pub Club Mission

For a complete understanding of the “History” of The Pub Club concept as well as the “why” and the “how” of what we do, go to “The Mission” page.  The mission of The Pub Club  is to tap into the “community of minds” to best serve both the science & the scientists of 3 labs located in the Molecular Plant Science (MPS) building here at Michigan State University. The “task” here is to be available to the members when their schedule allows and their needs require. The structure, meetings, and special events are all designed to enable members through active participation to build and hone ALL the skills necessary to become accomplished scientists and to strengthen their foundation for a successful chosen career.

If you are interested in more information on The Pub Club or the possibility of “Meeting on The Edge of Science” by gathering with those in your lab community please contact Bethany by clicking here & filling out the form.